When Every Penny Counts

Last summer, 12 year-old Sydney Jerome from Teaneck, New Jersey, came to Israel to celebrate her cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. During this trip, her family volunteered to pack dried healthful food, like beans and rice, for Israel’s impoverished citizens.

What You Should Know About World Food Day

World Food Day, October 16, marks 38 years since the initiative to eradicate world hunger was established by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). The goal is to end world hunger by 2030 through finding sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty.

Mother-Daughter Baking Workshop Empowers Israel’s Neediest

In Migdal Ha’Emek, a town in Israel’s North, social worker Dafna Hassan recently led a mother-daughter baking workshop at Ooga-Ooga Bakery. The workshop is part of Colel Chabad’s nutrition security program, designated by the Israeli government to take charge of eliminating hunger among Israel’s neediest.


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