Why the Double Standard?

Honest Reporting points out a startling fact: when reporting on terror incidents, world media always uses the word “terror” – except when they’re talking about Israel.

Anti-Israel Media Bias Taken To New Extremes

Following a lethal terror attack on a Jewish synagogue early Tuesday morning, CNN, the Guardian, and other western media outlets portrayed anti-Israel biased to an unprecedented degree.

Ignorance in the Media

Watch how Honest Reporting uncovered a cartoon demonizing the Jewish commandment of circumcision in a Norwegian newspaper. To add insult to injury, the paper defended its actions and compared the Jewish reaction to Muslim rioting following the Mohammed cartoon years prior.

Say No to Anti-Semitism and Demonization of Israel

In recent months we’ve seen cartoons that caused considerable offense. An image published in The Sunday Times of London portrayed Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall on top of Palestinians using blood as the mortar. The cartoon prompted comparisons with the “blood libel” and caused particular offense coming as it did on Holocaust Memorial Day. […]


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