Preserving Memory of the Holocaust With Unlikely Friendship

The inspiring emotional story of an unlikely friendship between a 91-year-old holocaust survivor and a 23-year old volunteer from Latet. “For the youth today I think it’s a must, to understand that they were people. They wanted things that every human wanted and still wants.”

Holocaust Survivor Joshua Kaufman Joins Congress at SOTU

U.S. President Donald Trump honored two Holocaust survivors during his State of the Union Address. One of them was Joshua Kaufman, a 90-year-old survivor of Dachau. He was seated alongside Herman Zeitchik, one of the American soldiers who helped liberate the camp.

When Every Penny Counts

Last summer, 12 year-old Sydney Jerome from Teaneck, New Jersey, came to Israel to celebrate her cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. During this trip, her family volunteered to pack dried healthful food, like beans and rice, for Israel’s impoverished citizens.

Parental PTSD Affects Health Behavior Among Holocaust Survivors’ Adult Children

Although Jewish Holocaust survivors – average 85 years old today – are generally considered an amazingly resilient group despite the terrors that they endured, those that suffer from post-trauma have been found to adopt harmful health behaviors like smoking, drinking alcohol and avoiding physical exercise. Unfortunately, these survivors also tend to “hand down” such behaviors to their adult children, who are now middle aged or even older.

‘Mothers With Meaning’ Help Make Miracles Happen

Late November, a group of women from “Mothers With Meaning,” as part of a trip with Masa Israel, visited Meir Panim charity organization’s Dimona branch in southern Israel. The group was so touched by Meir Panim’s good work, as they visited its Holocaust Survivors program, that they decided to arrange a special event for the city’s impoverished and mainstream citizens.

Surviving Holocaust Provides Resilience from Death

Sadly, there are only approximately 152,000 Israeli Holocaust Survivors alive today – and the number is due to drop to an estimated 140,000 in 2020, 92,600 in 2025 and 26,000 a decade later. On average, one Holocaust survivor dies in Israel every 45 minutes – or more than 1,000 per month.

Holocaust Survivor Receives Knighthood

Ben – now Sir Ben – Helfgott, is synonymous with Holocaust education in the United Kingdom. An inmate of Buchenwald, Schlieben and Theresienstadt concentration camps, Helfgott survived the horrors of the Holocaust, eventually arriving in Britain at the age of 15. Having taken British citizenship, he represented the country in weightlifting in two Olympic Games; […]

A Hot Meal and a Listening Ear: Homebound Elderly Deserve to Celebrate High Holidays

Each day, elderly Israelis struggle with hunger, loneliness and poverty – and this population is growing. According to Yair Asaf-Shapira, researcher for the Jerusalem Institute, while the elderly population of Israel is lower than other countries due to Israel being a relatively young country, the percentage of elderly people compared to the general population is […]