Celebrating Holocaust Survivors

Elderly Holocaust survivors living out the last years of their lives have struggled with and faced unique PTSD throughout their lives

Study: Holocaust Survivors Have Higher Risk of Alzheimer’s

Now, a new international study conducted in cooperation with the University of Haifa has found that the risk of Holocaust survivors’ developing dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease is 1.21 times higher than those who did not go through the Holocaust.

Preserving Memory of the Holocaust With Unlikely Friendship

The inspiring emotional story of an unlikely friendship between a 91-year-old holocaust survivor and a 23-year old volunteer from Latet. “For the youth today I think it’s a must, to understand that they were people. They wanted things that every human wanted and still wants.”

Holocaust Survivor Joshua Kaufman Joins Congress at SOTU

U.S. President Donald Trump honored two Holocaust survivors during his State of the Union Address. One of them was Joshua Kaufman, a 90-year-old survivor of Dachau. He was seated alongside Herman Zeitchik, one of the American soldiers who helped liberate the camp.