French Candidate Raises Israeli Ire For Holocaust Comment

The Israeli government condemned French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen for comments absolving France of responsibility for the roundup of thousands of Jews who were deported to the Auschwitz death camp during the Holocaust.

Yad Vashem to Amazon: Stop Aiding Holocaust Denial

Yad Vashem sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos offering assistance to “curb the spread of hatred” by identifying Holocaust denial literature so the Internet giant could take it off its virtual shelves.

Zero-Sum Suffering

Shoshana Bryen

For Palestinians, suffering – and sympathy for suffering – is a zero-sum game. Sympathy used up on the Holocaust means less for Palestinians in the territories.

Russia Seeks to Ban Holocaust Denial


Russia’s lower house of parliament, Duma, approved a bill on its first reading Friday which would make it illegal to deny the findings of the Nuremberg Trials regarding Nazi crimes.

Archaeology Against Holocaust Denial

Recently we’ve seen dark clouds of Jew hatred gathering in the horizon. The Jew haters work in 3 stages: first, change the past; second, demonize and marginalize in the present; third, prepare the next pogrom, genocide or Holocaust.