Hebrew Music Monday

Sing along in Hebrew to “Justice Shall You Pursue” by Safam, based on the inspiring words of Deuteronomy 16:20 and Amos 5:24, with English transliteration. Just this past Sabbath, we read these very words in the Torah portion!

Hebew Music Monday

Today’s Hebrew song by Eitan Katz is based on a beautiful passage by the prophet Jeremiah, describing God speaking to our Matriarch Rachel, who is known as having a special role in the redemption and return of her children, the Jewish people, back to Israel.

All New Hebrew Music Video

We hope you enjoy our brand new Hebrew music video for the New Year! Celebrate with the Hava Nagilla Band and their upbeat song “Hinay Ma Tov” (“How Good It Is”) based on the words of Psalm 133.

All New Hebrew Music Monday

Sing along in Hebrew to this catchy classic “May You Be Blessed from Zion” performed by The Hava Nagillah Band! Features lyrics from Psalm 128.

It’s Good to Give Thanks

Sing along in Hebrew with today’s music video, ‘Tov L’Hodot’. King David sure knew how to give thanks to God!

Rejoice In Jerusalem

This classic song, “Rejoice in Jerusalem,” with its fun beat and biblically-based lyrics, is sure to help anyone rejoice in Jerusalem! Sing along with Hebrew and English translation and transliteration.

Hebrew Music Monday: Jerusalem of Gold

This uplifting video contains footage of the liberation of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. Based on Naomi Shemer’s famous song, “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav,” performed by Sam Glazer.

Memorial Song at Yad Vashem

Watch a moving rendition of a Hebrew song “Someone” at Yad Vashem on Yom HaShoah. The words in English are translated as: “Someone worries for me up there.” Learn more Israel365’s Tour of Remembrance to Poland


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