Google fixes antisemitic definition of ‘Jew’ following uproar

Google users who typed the word “Jew” in the search feature on Tuesday found that the top definition was an antisemitic stereotype. The search engine’s first listed definition of “Jew” was: “to bargain with someone in a miserly or petty way.” Further down in the search results were several conjugations of the word, as “jewed” […]

Google, Amazon, and Israel in the New America

The tech giants’ organizational culture raises significant questions about the wisdom of granting them exclusive control over Israel’s government data for the next seven years.

Google Search Hints at Connection Between Iranian President and Haman

A Hebrew language search for Haman the Agagi on Google produces an unexpected yet appropriate result: an image of Ahmad Ahminajad, the former president of Iran notorious for his extreme hatred of Israel. Though this may be unintentional, the glitch serves to emphasize that Biblical difficulties often return under a different guise, and the ancient solution may still be appropriate.


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