5 Israeli Soldiers Injured After Palestinians Detonate Bomb on Gaza Border

Palestinian terror

I will say unto God my Rock: ‘Why hast Thou forgotten me? Why go I mourning under the oppression of the enemy?’ (Psalms 42:10) Israeli soldiers on a mission to destroy a Hamas terror tunnel running from Gaza to Israel were attacked by Palestinian terrorists Thursday night, according to the Jerusalem Post. The IDF stated that […]

IDF Shuts Down Terrorist Tunnel From Gaza to Israeli Kibbutz

Terrorist Tunnel

…So shalt thou put away the evil from the midst of thee. (Deuteronomy 13:6) Israeli Security Forces have unearthed and neutralized a tunnel leading from Abbasan al-Saghira in the Gaza Strip to Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha in Israel, the IDF announced on Sunday. The army believes the tunnels was going to be used to carry out […]

Recent Visit of Gilad Shalit to Canada Stirs Controversy

Gilad Shalit

“Deliver them that are drawn unto death; and those that are ready to be slain wilt thou forbear to rescue?” (Proverbs 24:11) The Jewish National Fund (JNF) brought former Hamas captive Gilad Shalit to Canada for a four-city speaking tour earlier this month. The tour, which was announced in June, stirred up some controversy among […]

Last Week’s Poll Results: “NO” On Releasing Terrorists

Poll Results for the Week of July 30-August 5 Poll Question: Should Israel release terrorists as a pre-condition to peace talks? Results: 96% = NO 4% = YES From The Editor’s Desk: Last week’s poll question was born from the announcement that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu agreed to release 104 Palestinian prisoners, many with […]

Barcelona Soccer Stars visit Christian, Jewish Holy Sites

“And stand in the holy place according to the divisions of the fathers’ houses of your brethren the children of the people” (2 Chronicles 35:5) Visiting soccer players from the famous Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona, including international soccer star Lionel Messi, visited both Christian and Jewish holy sites on their visit to Israel over […]

Shalit Joins Arriving Immigrating Children, Soldiers

Gilad Shalit

“I am taking the Children of Israel from among the nations to which they have gone; I will gather them from all around and I will bring them to their soil” Ezekiel (37:21) On Tuesday flight EL Al Flight LY3004 touched down at Ben Gurion Air Port. This was no run-of-the-mill flight. Flight LY3004, a […]