Israel’s UN envoy mocks meeting over Ben-Gvir’s ‘uneventful’ Temple Mount visit

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said he was “overjoyed” when he heard that the U.N. Security Council was holding an emergency meeting Thursday over the “quiet, orderly, uneventful” visit of an Israeli government minister to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. “I figured that if this important body is meeting to discuss such a trivial matter, then […]

Israel blasts UN for erasing history

Trucks carrying signs arrived at the U.N. headquarters and showed those entering the building pictures of Jewish refugees being expelled from Arab countries and Iran, along with a demand to stop erasing Jewish history.

Firebomb, Shooting and Rioting on Temple Mount

The already-tense situation on the Temple Mount came within a hair’s-breadth of exploding into a full-blown religious war on Tuesday when a Palestinian threw a firebomb at a police post.


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