The Inner Meaning of Biden’s Name: The Hand of God

A rabbi in Israel has analyzed the results of the US election and found a startling connection between the Democratic candidate and a pathway to the Final Redemption. Of course, this requires a bit of explanation as some paths are rockier than others.

Snakes, Elections, and the Messiah

The hotly contested U.S. midterm elections were preceded by strange phenomena at the Temple Mount, including a snake that suddenly appeared out of the stones of the Western Wall.

Can Mathematics Reveal The Divine Origin of Torah?

Although he is a self-described non-observant Jew, the mathematical analyses of Scripture conducted by engineering professor and researcher Dr. Haim Shore reveals an intelligent elegance toward the Hebrew Bible that may surprise you.

America’s Fate at the End of Days

Donald Trump will usher in the End of Days in America by causing the rehabilitation of Biblical Esau, said a New Jersey rabbi earlier this month.


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