Ancient Roman Road discover in Galilee

A group of archaeologists uncovered a section of a 1,800-year-old Roman road in Northern Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced Thursday. Archaeologists estimate that construction was begun during the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian (76 CE-138 CE) but was completed by his successors. The road was renovated in the Byzantine era.  In a statement, […]

Report: Gantz to Make Deal Allowing Arabs to Conquer Galilee

According to a report on Channel 13’s Saturday night newscast, The Blue and White Party gave a commitment to the Joint Arab List that it would rescind the “Kaminetz Law” in return for the Arab MKs’ recommendation to the President to task Beni Gantz with forming the new government.

Israeli Scientists Aim at Healing Damaged Organs with Artificial Tissue

With the sorely inadequate supply of donated human organs – from kidneys to livers and lungs to hearts – available in Israel, scientists here have invested years of research into producing artificial tissue for transplant. But until the technique can proceed, a way must be found to create effective arteries, veins and capillaries to supply blood to the artificial tissue.

Visit the Oldest Synagogue in the Galilee

Hananya Naftali, the prime minister’s deputy social media adviser, visits Magdala, the archaeological remains of the oldest synagogue in the Galilee, further proof that the Jews are indigenous to Israel.

Prophecies Coming True

Non-Jews who recognize the prophetic vision of restoring the Jewish people to their historic homeland are hard at work in the Galilee. Those who bless us, so shall they be blessed in return.


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