Did God Intend America to Be a Promised Land? 

According to a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), half of evangelical Americans believe that the USA is indeed the promised land and a significant number were willing to take up arms to defend it as such.

After Jews, Trump accuses Evangelicals of being disloyal

Former US President Donald Trump has accused Evangelical Christians of disloyalty.  Trump’s term in office was punctuated by evangelical and Jewish faith leaders praying over the president in the Oval Office. But as he gears up to campaign for the 2024 presidential election, a schism is appearing.  On Monday, Trump appeared on Real America’s Voice […]

One in four young Evangelicals say their faith leaders hold antisemitic beliefs

A new study shows that young evangelicals are heavily influenced in secular matters by their faith leaders. However, about 25% of the respondents also said that their leaders would agree that Jewish people have too much power in the country. Research from last year already suggested that supporting Israel is falling by the wayside with […]


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