A voice in the EU wilderness

We attended the European Policy Summit in the Senate, where the Prague Declaration was released, denouncing antisemitism and urging nations to move their embassies to Jerusalem.

The Real Woke Jews

If you are fixated on the identity politics of others, and wonder whether Jews should be represented on the continuum, then Yiddish is the place to start.

France, Europe’s Broken Politics and the Holocaust

On the week of Holocaust Remembrance Day and the French presidential elections, I was joined by Eldad Beck, Israel Hayom’s correspondent in Europe to discuss the results – and implications of the French elections

How Biden has Empowered Evil in Both Russia and Iran

The cause behind the administration’s extraordinarily perverse policy is the belief system fundamental to the West’s governing and intellectual classes, and which links their Iran strategy with their approach to Vladimir Putin — and also with their hostility towards Israel.


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