Yom Ha’Aliyah – Ethiopia

Many Jewish sources interpret this scene as the revival of the Jewish People and the return to the Land of Israel. Like the dry bones that no-one believed could show signs of life, so too the Ten Tribes of the Jewish People would be revived, and come back to reignite life in Israel. We have seen this prophecy come true in our lifetime. Against all odds, the words of God came true, and the Jewish people have returned home and revived the land of Israel. There is no other land in the world that waited for their people to come back, and we did it after 2000 years, just as God promised, ink on parchment in the Bible.

First Known Ethiopian Jews to Move to Israel with ‘Official’ Permission Since 2017

The first known Ethiopian Jews to move to Israel with “official” permission since 2017 will shortly arrive in the country. After months of lobbying the government, the mother and siblings of Sintayehu Shaparou, the Ethiopian who competed in Israel’s 2018 Chidon HaTanach (International Bible) contest, are being granted residency status.

When will the Exodus begin?

8,000 Falash Mura – “remnants of the descendants of the Jewish Beta Israel community” – in Ethiopia, have suffered malnutrition, stunted growth and irreversible brain damage in many babies and toddlers.