Sheba Turns to Israel to Cope With Pre-Exodus Plague of Locusts

Like its Biblical archetype, a massive swarm of locusts has engulfed Ethiopia as a harbinger of an Exodus of Jews and a group of Israeli experts step in to help as a graphic reminder of the Biblical connection between Israel and the modern country of Sheba.

80 More Ethiopian Jews Arrive in Israel

Around 80 Ethiopian Jews have just arrived in Israel. They are part of the Israeli government’s commitment to bringing more than 1000 Ethiopians to Israel in the coming months.

Ancient Ethiopian Festival Sigd Symbolizes the Jewish Yearning for Jerusalem

Overlooking Mount Moriah where the First and Second Temples once stood in Jerusalem, tens of thousands from the Ethiopian-Israeli community gathered today at the Armon Hanatziv promenade for Sigd (meaning to worship and literally to prostrate in Amharic). Sigd is a holiday of the Ethiopian Jewish community which includes prayers, gatherings and a breaking of the fast from the previous evening until the conclusion of the afternoon service.