Heal O’ Israel, Non-Celiacs Should not Abandon Gluten Food

The supermarkets are now full of products without gluten. Many of my friends who do not suffer from celiac disease have started to buy and prepare them for the whole family. I wonder whether non-celiacs eating grains without gluten or a reduced amount of gluten could be harmful.

UK: Boris Johnson Sparks ‘Burka-Gate’

An August 1 poll of Tory members by ConservativeHome found that Johnson’s popularity had almost quadrupled since he resigned on July 9 after clashing with May over her vision for Brexit.

Europe: Ramadan Roundup, 2018

Muslims across Europe are marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, which in 2018 was observed between May 17 and June 15, in accordance with the Islamic lunar calendar.

Danish Ban on Circumcision: Amalek Reloaded?

Jews in several of the Nordic nations (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland) are increasingly fearing for their religious futures after Denmark moved a step closer to passing a law banning infant circumcision. One rabbi sees this as a reenactment of a macabre story told in the bible symbolizing an attempt to cut off the thin connection binding heaven and earth.

Natalie Portman’s Double Standards


Anyone who claims to love Israel should understand Israel is a democracy. Anyone who claims to love Israel doesn’t boycott Israel. Anyone who boycotts Israel bolsters our haters, the demonization campaign and the BDS movement, which opposes the state’s actual existence.


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