Did COVID Lockdowns Harm Children’s Immune Systems?

In the months after Israel lifted the majority of social restrictions, there was a sharp incline in respiratory and gastrointestinal infections among the 0-3 age group, a peer-reviewed study by Ben-Gurion University shows.

How to Connect Your Kids to Israel this Summer

In response to parents not knowing what to do with their children who had been sent home from closed schools this spring, Verses for Zion was born as an exciting, biblically rooted project specifically connecting Christian children to Israel

Heal O’ Israel, Ensuring Potential Preschools are Safe

We have issued new guidelines for choosing a kindergarten that is safe for children. Every year, young children in preschool are injured, and there are even deaths. Parents must not compromise on safety procedures both in the structure of the kindergarten and in the behavior of the staff members who work there.


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