Nikki Haley: Canada Struck Deal with Devil when they went Against Israel at UN

Nikki Haley commented on Canada’s recent decision to back a North Korean anti-Israel motion. The vote, which has been unprecedented in Ottowa for 14 years was a resolution in favor of the “right of the Palestinian people to self-determination”. This includes the right of return which even Columbia professor Joseph Massad admits is a ploy to destroy Israel

Is Encouraged Euthanasia the Future of Socialized Medicine?

As the political discussion concerning the future of American healthcare grows more intense, the implicit issue of euthanasia stands in the wings. One rabbi noted that the issues of abortion and euthanasia are two sides of the same coin, both destroying the relationship between parent and child.

Recreational Marijuana Now Being Sold in Canada

On Wednesday, Canada became the second country to sell marijuana for recreational use. This is considered a political victory for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party who made legalized marijuana part of his platform during his campaign in 2015.