Police investigating ‘all directions’ after possible car-ramming in Beersheva

Police are investigating “all directions” after a vehicle struck a pedestrian in Beersheva on Thursday, causing moderate injuries. The driver, who according to Mako is a resident of the Bedouin town of Rahat, was also injured in the incident, and was evacuated for medical treatment. He was jointly overpowered by civilians and police, and was […]

Israelis Could Save World From Dependence on Arab Petroleum

Imagine a world in which cars, trucks, jets and even rockets would run on clean hydrogen, emitting only water vapor as a waste product, replacing fossil fuels like polluting gasoline that release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Israel-Hamas Nearing War Over Continued Terrorism, Rocket Strikes Beersheba

Israel and the Hamas-run Gaza strip are about as close to outright war as they have been since the cessation of 2014’s Operation Protective Edge. Tensions have been high for several weeks, but the temperature was raised significantly earlier today following the launch of two rockets just before 3:40 a.m., including a long-range missile, fired […]

Israel’s Southern Mayors Decry Hamas Ceasefire

Hamas sources claimed an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effect at 10:45 p.m. Thursday, but Israeli sources have yet to confirm this. If it is indeed in place, the ceasefire would end two days of hostilities which saw almost 200 projectiles fired at Israel by Hamas and IDF retaliations which hit more […]

Confirming Biblical Prohibition of Gluttony

Religions do not regard gluttony (from the Latin word for “gulping down”) as a virtue. According to the list compiled by the great Middle Ages Jewish scholar and physician Maimonides (the Rambam), of the 613 commandments that Jews must observe, excessive eating or drinking is prohibited (and is listed as #169). In Christianity too, overindulgence at the dinner table is regarded as a transgression and even one of the Seven Deadly Sins.


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