Armenia’s Self-Defeating Campaign Against Christians

While the days of large-scale war or violence between Christian denominations (such as Protestants versus Catholics) are largely over, that does not mean disdain or outright hostility within the Christian community itself is a thing of the past.

Minister Calls for Israel to Recognize Armenian Genocide

The call to recognize the mass murders of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman government in 1915 as genocide follows a war of words between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Turkish President Erdoğan, including Erdoğan calling Israel a “terrorist state.”

A ‘Wedge’ Between Azerbaijan and Israel is an Armenian Pipe Dream

Most frequently with the utmost in bellicose tenor, decrying the recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by President Donald Trump has become a favored pastime for anyone or body with resentment or alternately, hatred, against the U.S., President Trump, personally or Israel.


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