TikTok attacks on Jews return

A recent resurgence of attacks on Jews in Jerusalem that were then uploaded to TikTok has led to three arrests in the past week.  Last week, two Arab teens from east Jerusalem, aged 14 and 16, filmed themselves humiliating an Orthodox Jew, forcing him to kneel down and kiss their feet.  Police arrested the two […]

Let’s Talk About It – Episode 1

Let’s Talk About It is a comic series revealing the plain and simple truth about the Israeli-Arab conflict. Harel Noff wants to break down arguments and barriers using humor.

Abbas Vows Never to Recognize Jewish State

Longtime Jewish supporters of peace process: Abbas disqualified as negotiating partner

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in his re-election speech on Wednesday that Palestinian Arabs will never agree to recognize Israel as a Jewish state or compromise on its peace demands.


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