Terrorism as Power Over Death

Louis Rene Beres

Opposing terrorism, especially jihadist terror, has become a continuous security obligation of the US, Europe, and of course Israel.

Confronting Crimes Against Humanity

Louis Rene Beres

Must we forever remain the potential murderers of those who live beside us? Why, after the Holocaust, is there still mass murder, slavery, child-trafficking and other crimes against humanity? What, then, is “civilization”?

Army Chaplains Helping Soldiers Serve Their Country and God Simultaneously

For Jewish soldiers serving in the United States Armed Forces being posted to Afghanistan or Iraq can be tricky from a religious point of view at the best of times. When the festivals of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish News Year), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) cluster together in a one-month period, celebrating them in a meaningful way can be even more of a challenge.

The Double Standard of the ICC


The US is justified in its refusal to cooperate with the ICC over alleged war crimes committed by its forces and close allies, democratic countries are capable of trying their own soldiers; but the Palestinians, who fund murderers and their families, turn to the ICC to file complaints against Israel.

The Seductive Appeal of Jihadist Terror

Louis Rene Beres

While opposing jihadist terror has become a security obligation in the US, Europe, and Israel, too-little analytic attention has been directed toward focused remedies for such terror, those that could build solidly upon searches for immortality.