Democrat/Orthodox Jew Joe Lieberman May Lead FBI

Former Senator Joe Lieberman is reported to be President Donald Trump’s first choice for FBI Director. Lieberman has no experience in federal law enforcement but is a respected politician, coming to prominence in 2000 as the first observant Jew to run on a major party Presidential ticket.

What’s the Most Thoughtful Way to Give a Holiday Gift?

As people worldwide busy themselves with holiday celebrations, especially striving to bring joy to the children in their lives, getting the right gift can become a burden. Colel Chabad, Israel’s longest running charity organization, has mastered this challenge by personally giving thousands of hand-picked gifts to hospitalized and special needs children in Israel.

Does Daycare Matter?

Following requests from residents of Kiryat Bialik in northern Israel, bridging the entire range of Jewish observance, Colel Chabad charity organization inaugurated another state-of-the-art daycare center in the city. With great devotion and investment, the new center joins Colel Chabad’s network of well respected educational facilities located throughout Israel.

Hospital Summer Camps Making Miracles

Keeping kids healthy and happy during the long summer months can be a challenge. Having a sick child in the hospital over the summer can multiply that challenge manyfold.

Israel’s Growing Population Requires More Childcare Than Ever

“The key to survival for many families is for parents to know that there is a caring place for their child.”

Hundreds of Sick Israeli Kids Receive Summer Sunshine From Hospital Beds

Today, many hospitals have developed similar programs, all modeled on the pioneering work of Rabbi Lieberman and his dedicated team.

Colel Chabad Fulfills Haggadah Mandate This Passover

Colel Chabad is actively preparing to enable innumerable people throughout the Holy Land to enjoy their Passover celebrations.

New Program Makes College Degrees Attainable for Impoverished Youth

Students from impoverished homes will receive a two year deferment in their required IDF army service in order to receive a specialized education.

Hospital Bound Children in Israel Receive Hanukkah Joy Through Colel Chabad

As Jews welcome joy and light into their homes during the Festival of Lights-Hanukkah, there are numerous children in Israel’s hospitals who miss out on the holiday.

Israel’s Finance Minister on Chabad in Ukraine: “The army of God”

And Hashem roars aloud At the head of His army; For vast indeed is His host, Numberless are those that do His bidding. For great is the day of Hashem, Most terrible—who can endure it?Joel 2:11