Aug 16, 2022
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Dr. Jay and Meridel Rawlings

Dr. Jay and Meridel Rawlings

Jerusalem Vistas - Israel Vision/Still Small Voice
Mevasseret Zion, Israel

What is the main focus that you are doing today?
We are doing two main things. First I send out regular online teachings about Israel today in light of the Bible called Jerusalem Vistas Online Learning Centre. Also I produce other Visual programs for our You Tube channel called Israel Vision Talk with a similar theme. Also I have written two books recently called, Timeless Secrets – Volume 2 and 3. “Miracles Among the Nations” and “Israel – Our Odyssey”
Meridel, as a psychologist continues to counsel people who have been abused.
She too is a writer and has just completed a book called, “Stain Remover”- Healing the Indelible Stain of Child Sexual Abuse”
How long have you been doing that?
We have been doing this work for nearly 50 years
What are some of the successful related programs or projects that you have done this year and in past years?
Humbly, I have produced a library of productions over 40 years. The list of 80 documentaries on the modern history of Israel and 100’s of TV talk shows called “People making a Difference” are outlined at the end of our books. Meridel’s publications are there as well.
How did you get to where you are today?
I give all the honour to the God of Israel who we have tried to serve over these five decades. He led me to produce films and docs that were timely concerning the events currently happening in Israel and with the Jewish people around the world. Meridel’s work was always needed. A sad but true fact.
What is your "testimony"
In 1969 the L-rd changed our lives dramatically. I was a Hospital Administrator in Hamilton, Ontario and Meridel was a nurse who just returned to Canada from volunteering in India with Mother Theresa. We were married and one day the Holy One of Israel asked her, “If you love Me, love My People.” We knew this meant to go to Israel. So I prayed and the L-rd gave me clear direction from the Bible. It was Jeremiah 50:2a which said, “Go among the nations, set up a standard or banner and publish and conceal not and publish.” From then on I kept asking the Holy One, “Please give me a window to the world on behalf of Israel.” The calling was to use the visual media to educate a worldwide audience about the fulfilment of the words of the Biblical prophets happening TODAY. We also became completely involved in aliyah by travelling to over 100 countries speaking to Jewish community leaders, presidents, rabbi’s and ordinary Jewish men and women encouraging them to “come home to Zion.” After doing this for seven years we finally came as a family with three sons to live in Israel. Then we produced our first documentary called “Apples of Gold.” I showed this educational film all over the world. The Israeli Foreign Ministry purchased many copies of the film and sent it to their Embassies and Consulates worldwide. Then at the request of Refuseniks in the Former Soviet Union we produced a film for them to “give them a voice.” This film called “Gates of Brass” was used by Jewish communities and Christian communities globally to demonstrate in front of Soviet Embassies saying “Let My People Go.” At first it was very hard going but by 1991/2 the gates opened. In 1989, Meridel and I spoke in the Kremlin to President Gorbachev’s assistant for Human Rights and Jewish Affairs. The message we gave him was simple, “If you let the Jews go to Israel, then according to the promise of G-d in Genesis 12:3 the USSR will be blessed.” Since then 1,2 million Jews from the former Soviet Union have come home and are a special blessing to Israel.
In 1980, after the passing of the Jerusalem Law by the Knesset, we were part of a small group of friends of Zion who knew that, in the face of an Arab oil embargo to countries who maintained an embassy in Jerusalem. All thirteen countries complied and moved their embassies to Tel Aviv. Now it was time to open an Embassy in Jerusalem. We did so please G-d. It was called the International Christian Embassy – Jerusalem. At the official opening on September 20, 1980, Mayor Teddy Kollek, sensing the importance of this fledgling entity, said “In all my years as mayor of Jerusalem this is the most important opening I have ever presided at.” He could see the importance and power of Jews and Christians being linked for the good of Zion. The ICEJ has grown in the largest Christian Zionist organisation in the history of the world. Thank G-d.
Through the next decades we were grateful to be at the right place at the right time doing and saying the right things according to the Bible. Thank through the years by G-d’s grace our documentary TV programs helped to launch many pro-Israel TV networks in many countries educating a huge audience. This still goes on to this day. For further details please see our books.
What do you think God is doing with regard to Jewish-Christian relations?
After 2000 years of misunderstanding the L-rd is bringing Jews and Christians together. This is ushering in the Messianic age which is so needed when watching what is happening, right now in the USA and Europe and other key places around the world.