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No, Reb Carlebach was not Kicked Out of Yeshivah

September 6, 2019

Kuwait Resumes Efforts to Implement UN ‘Protection’ Mission Against Israel

May 30, 2018

Israel to Advance Construction of 3,900 New Homes Throughout Biblical Heartland

May 24, 2018

US Mulls Closing PLO Office After Recommendation of War Crimes Probe Against Israel

May 23, 2018

IDF Spokesman Calls Out Media That Fell For Hamas Propaganda of ‘Peaceful Protests’

May 21, 2018

Israel Strikes Back Against Hamas After Several Homes Damaged From Gunfire

May 17, 2018

Trump Officials Expected to See Inauguration of Square in Front of US Embassy

May 10, 2018

IDF Strikes Hamas Launching Site for ‘Attack Kites’

May 6, 2018

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