Pesach in Israel and the Christadelphians

Yishai and family are at Neve Ilan celebrating the Holiday of Liberation with a visit to Hebron and the Priestly Blessing in Jerusalem. Join Yishai as he talks with a group of Christadelphians – non-Jewish lovers of Israel.

On Kristallnacht Anniversary, Israel365 Vows to “Never Forget” Holocaust Survivors

Eighty-three years ago this week, on November 9-10, 1938, wild violence against the Jewish people broke out throughout Europe on a night which would come to be known as Kristallnacht.

How One Man’s Gentle Christian Faith Saved Jewish GIs From Nazi Death Camps

In a remarkable story that almost went untold, a devoutly Christian US Army sergeant refused to turn over his Jewish soldiers to the Nazis, even after a gun was placed to his head.

Why Is a Christian Group Taking a Torah Scroll on Tour to Churches Nationwide?

A Christian organization is taking a new look at the ancient Torah scroll, going on tour with an antique, history-rich scroll to American campuses and churches across the country.

Pope Francis Bestows Sainthood on Nun Who Saved Jews During the Holocaust

Elizabeth Hesselblad—who converted from Lutheranism to Catholicism—saved the lives of 12 Jews by hiding them in a convent in Rome.

How an Obscure Christian Sect Saved 250 Jewish Children During History’s Darkest Moment

He named the book “Part of the Family”, because that was the phrase he heard almost every time he interviewed a survivor who was saved by the Christadelphians.