Dec 01, 2021

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The Mossad wants to be your Facebook friend. Israel’s national intelligence agency has launched a Facebook page aimed specifically at finding new recruits. The jobs currently being offered range from cyber security positions to field agent work.

According to the agency, advertising positions on Facebook would allow for a more efficient recruitment process, granting them access to the most qualified applicants.

Other methods the Mossad has implemented in the past in order to recruit agents have included buying ad space in newspapers in order to publish riddles and quizzes, saying that anyone wishing to apply must first solve them. Over 25,000 responded to that ad out of which only dozens ended up being recruited.

Interestingly enough, just yesterday, Hamas issued cyber-security warnings to residents of the Gaza strip, in which they accused the state of Israel of using government run Arabic-speaking pages in order to “poison the minds of young Arabs and recruit them as agents for Israel.”