Oct 21, 2021

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19-year-old IDF soldier Ron Yitzchak Kukia was murdered in a Palestinian stabbing attack while waiting for a bus in the city of Arad in southern Israel at around 9:30 PM Thursday night. After a thorough search of the city, the IDF concluded the terrorist fled the area and is still at large.

Kukia, from Tel Aviv, was a private in the Nahal brigade. His rank was raised posthumously to sergeant. Some media are reporting that Kukia’s gun was taken.

Arad Mayor Nisan Ben-Hemo said, “During the night, reinforced military and police forces searched the city, placing special emphasis on educational institutions. After evaluating the situation, we have decided to avoid as many disruptions to routine as possible, and allow the educational system to continue functioning.”

“Unfortunately, Arad has now joined the cities affected by terror. We never had a nationalistic terror attack before. This ruins our pastoral quiet and the security which Arad’s residents enjoyed. For years, it did not matter if there was a war or there was tension – Arad was considered to be a safe place in every way. Today, unfortunately, reality slapped us in the face.”