Aug 11, 2022
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Following the United States’ withdrawal from one United Nations body last month, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that unless the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) reforms its Israel-bashing ways, the US will leave it as well.

Among the US’s demanded reforms is the removal of Item 7, a permanent agenda point requiring discussion of Israel’s actions in Judea and Samaria at every single UNHRC session. Item 7 is essentially a built-in forum for criticizing Israel.

The US also wants restrictions against major human rights abusers joining the council, Haley said, pointing to the recent addition of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The Human Rights Council will either adopt these reforms, or the United States will leave,” declared Haley on Saturday night.

Speaking at the annual Washington conference of the Israeli American Council, Haley was enthusiastically received by a community which increasingly sees her as the rehabilitator of Israel at the United Nations.

She said that the US would never again repeat the “betrayal” of the Obama administration, which during its last days in power abandoned Israel at the UN by allowing an anti-settlement resolution at the Security Council to pass.

“‘As long as I was US ambassador, such an act of betrayal would never happen again,’” she recalled thinking before she was confirmed in the position by the Trump administration.

Slamming the UN for unfairly focusing on Israel, Haley called its obsession “ridiculous.”

“It seems like the rough breakdown at the UN is half the time on Israel and half the time on the other 192 countries.”

Though Israel quickly followed suit when the US withdrew from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) last month, the Jewish state, much vilified by various bodies within the international community, “remains committed to what can seem like a very lonely fight” for diplomatic influence and respect in the UN, praised Haley.

She added, “I’m here to let the world know that Israel is not alone.”

However, she continued, she is “cautiously optimistic” that the US is “chipping away at the anti-Israel culture” she found in the UN.