Oct 18, 2021

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A 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist was shot and killed Saturday afternoon by IDF Border Police at the junction near the town of Tapuach in Samaria while trying to stab Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli Police released a statement saying that the assailant approached the army checkpoint at the junction with a bag in hand, and when confronted, pulled the knife and tried to attack the soldier. Other IDF soldiers at the scene opened fire, killing the terrorist.

The 21-year-old IDF officer was injured in the foot by shrapnel from friendly fire and hospitalized after the incident.

The terrorist was identified as Qutayba Ziad Zahran from Illar village in the Tulkarem district. Maan News, a Palestinian news site, reported a Facebook post that Zahran posted before committing the attack.

“Dear family members, I have good news for you,” Zahran wrote. “Here I have achieved my wish and I am about to die a martyr for the sake of God, armed with the determination of mujahidin (fighters). I have left this mortal world, rushing to the immortal life in paradise where I will meet God’s chosen prophet, peace be upon him, alongside prophets, companions, and virtuous people. My precious mother … God’s consent is dependent on your consent, and my wish won’t be realized without this condition.”