Jul 29, 2021

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The brutal Islamic terror attack in the Samarian community of Halamish has not only left three Israelis dead and one seriously wounded, but has sent all-too-familiar shock waves throughout Israel’s biblical heartland. All of Israel is once again in counting mode, counting its victims and detailing the horrific nature of the latest slaughter, coming as it did during a Sabbath celebration of life.

The politicians are once again demanding that Palestinian Authority Chairman and other Muslim leaders condemn the attack. Similar demands are being made of other world leaders, but something much more fundamental and human is being missed here. Within a few days, all will be almost forgotten. The politicians will move on to other issues, as the terrorist organizations go back to planning their next attacks.

What will remain will be the pain of the children – the emotional suffering that returns and increases with every fresh attack – the continuing psychological trauma that disrupts real lives and seizes the innocence of childhood.

For such an enormous challenge as this, Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund (SICF) was born – to heal the trauma of the terror victim children and to rebuild lives in the biblical heartland of Israel. Using art therapy, music therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and therapeutic horseback riding, in addition to drama therapy and multi-sensory safe room Therapy, SICF has healed thousands of wounds and is rebuilding lives and communities.

As we witnessed again in the most recent attack, the brutality of the Muslim terrorists demands a harsh military and political response, but that is the job of the political echelon. We citizens can and must do what we do best: take action at the grassroots level to provide healing, hope, and to rebuild for the future.