Jan 25, 2022

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Jordan Valley Checkpoint

View of a checkpoint in the Jordan Valley, January 2, 2014. (Photo: Uri Lenz/FLASH90)

The Shin Bet has released some startling statistics showing that terrorist attacks in Israel are on the rise. The main cause? Peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. The month of November 2013 saw the highest number of terror attacks, with 167 attacks, up from 82 in July 2013.

Palestinian officials are notorious for not condemning terrorist attacks. Upon the release of 26 terrorists in December 2013, PA President Mahmoud Abbas regarded the men as heroes. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who is in Israel this week to broker peace agreements, has urged both sides to overcome their “high level of cynicism” and “reservations about the possibilities.” As peace talks progress, a steady rise in violent attacks from Palestinians is indicated.

The rise of terrorist attacks in the last months have led to a rocky start in creating a framework of peace between Israeli and Palestinian officials. Netanyahu is skeptical of Abbas as a true partner in creating peace. On his official Twitter account, Netanyahu has been vocal about his objections and reservations in brokering peace with a partner that does not condemn terrorism:

bibi twitter

In July 2013, 82 terror attacks were recorded. August saw 99 attacks, September 133 attacks, October 139 attacks, and November, 167. Most recently in December, several high profile terror attacks took place consecutively, putting the whole country on high alert. On the 22nd of December, a bus exploded in Bat Yam just as passengers evacuated. The attack was proven to be organized by Islamic Jihad. On the 23rd of December, an Israeli policeman was severely wounded when he was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist. On the 24th of December, sniper fire from Gaza killed a defense contractor working on the border fence.


Starting off the new year, several terrorist attacks have already been thwarted. The Shin Bet announced that a second bus bombing was to take place in Tel Aviv, orchestrated by the same members of the Islamic Jihad cell that carried out the December 22nd Bat Yam bombing. On Friday, January 3rd, a 16 year old female Palestinian terrorist was apprehended while attempting to stab a border policeman at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Early Saturday morning, Palestinians hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks towards vehicles in the Gush Etzion area. The incidents took place near the West Bank village of Husan, south of Bethlehem.  Last night late Saturday, the IDF thwarted yet another attack, this time in the religious kibbutz of Migdal Oz, located in Gush Etzion. Four terrorists, armed with knives and makeshift weapons, were apprehended by IDF soldiers while trying to cross the security fence surrounding the community.