Jun 13, 2021


Last week, 15,000 visitors from over 90 countries participated in the 8th Premier International Defense and HLS (Homeland Security) Expo (ISDEF) at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds in Israel. The exhibition included 250 exhibitors and over 100 delegations from around the world. It was attended by senior army officials, chiefs of staff, and the heads of Israel’s air and sea forces and intelligence units.

The ISDEF caters to the needs of governments, military, police, special forces, HLS, industry members and decision-makers from Israel and around the world by exposing them to products and solutions from innovative defense and security companies worldwide. This year’s presentations not only included the latest inventions for security and warfare but also focused on the international refugee crisis.

The event has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence as it is led by key figures from the fields of defense, homeland security, cyber security, and financial technologies. Eighty-six percent of the attendees had buying power, making the exhibition a very attractive platform for business growth. With a reported $1 trillion invested in militaries worldwide, ISDEF is a sought-after venue for many exhibitors.

“In 2015, the exhibition was attended by only 2,000 visitors,” noted Brigadier General Yehiel Gozal, CEO of Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers, the only Israeli government and Ministry of Defense-sanctioned organization providing for IDF soldier welfare through donations, to Breaking Israel News. “It has grown exponentially as world terrorism and the refugee crisis spreads.

“The international community recognizes Israel’s superiority in these matters. This exhibition presents the latest technological developments of offensive and defensive weapons, practical tools for dealing with these crises as well as investment opportunities for its rapidly growing Cyber Security Sector.”

The lectures, workshops and seminars examined some of the hottest topics in the realms of defense and homeland security from three angles: “The Physical World”, “The Virtual World”, and “The Financial World”. The main topics addressed were “Worldwide Challenges Presented by the Refugee Crisis” and “Terror: ISIS, the Islamic World, and the Relationship Between the Two”.

Warfare has changed dramatically since the onset of the world-wide web,” continued Gozal. “Today, the lines between cyber and ‘conventional’ warfare are blurred forcing armies to change their tactics for fighting their enemies. There is no better venue to do this than in Israel.”

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