Jul 23, 2021

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin met with leaders from more than 200 Christian communities around the world as part of a delegation arranged by the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast movement to mark the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification.

“The city of Jerusalem, which was once a divided city, is the same city where Jews and Arabs, religious and secular people, find the space to live together, to meet and get to know each other, to build a shared Jerusalem, together,” Rivlin told the Christian leaders.

“Jerusalem for me, is a microcosm of our ability, to live together, Jews, Muslims, Christians. Jerusalem is holy to everyone of faith. And Israel is proud to stand by the right of everyone to worship God as they believe,” he said.

Member of Knesset Robert Ilatov, chairman of the Christian Allies Caucus, urged the Christian leaders to “pray for peace in Jerusalem.”

“You are here, to show your support for Israel, your love for Jerusalem and your friendship with the Jewish people. We appreciate this very much,” he said.

Swedish politician Lar Adaktusson, a member of the European Parliament, said it is important to address the roots of anti-Israel bias—especially in Europe.

“The European public for a long time has been living with the impression of Israel as the source of all problems, while the Palestinians have been represented by peace-loving and trustworthy leaders, without any responsibility for violence or terror,” Adaktusson said, adding, “Israel is, as we all know, a society with freedom of speech, pluralism and the rule of law.”