Oct 05, 2022
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The Palestinian terror organization Hamas has developed a new high-powered rocket similar to those utilized by the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, Israel’s Army Radio reported.

The report described the new Hamas rocket as being “completely different than any weaponry we know from the direction of the [Gaza] Strip—as concerns the weight of the explosive carried in the head of the rocket.”

In response to the IDF-affiliated radio network’s report, Ashkelon Coast Regional Council head Yair Farjoun, whose home city shares a border with Gaza, stated, “We are prepared for every scenario and if we need to evacuate, we will evacuate. Civilians do not need to be on the front lines.”

Since the 50-day war in Gaza in 2014, during which Hamas indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets on Israel’s civilian population, the Palestinian terror group has significantly expanded its efforts to develop its rocket capabilities.

The Army Radio report comes amid heightened tensions along the Israel-Gaza border following the assassination of high-ranking Hamas terrorist Mazen Faqha last Friday. Hamas has accused Israel of carrying out the assassination, but the Jewish state has neither confirmed nor denied involvement.