Jun 13, 2021


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is slated to travel to Washington to meet with President Donald Trump Feb. 15.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who announced the meeting Monday, said “our relationship with the only democracy in the Middle East is crucial to the security of both our nations, and the president looks forward to discussing continued strategic, technological, military and intelligence cooperation with the prime minister.”

Following Spicer’s announcement, Netanyahu issued a statement saying that he “deeply appreciates” Trump’s invitation and that he looks “forward to discussing with him the areas of cooperation between us that are so vital to the security and well-being of our two countries.”

Netanyahu also addressed the recent ballistic missile test by Iran Sunday and vowed to work with President Trump to address the Iranian threat.

“I will meet President Trump in Washington soon, and among the issues I will address, is the need to renew the sanctions against Iran,” Netanyahu said on Facebook Monday. “Sanctions against the ballistic missiles, and other sanctions against the terror, and re-addressing the failed agreement on its nuclear capabilities.

“I know that this bothers not only Israel, and not only the U.S. but other countries in the region. Iran’s aggression should not be ignored.”