Oct 18, 2021

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In an interview with 60 Minutes aired Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he plans to ask President-elect Donald Trump to dismantle the P5+1 Iranian nuclear deal when he enters office and revealed that he has several suggestions on how it can be done.

“There are ways, various ways of undoing it,” Netanyahu told interviewer Lesley Stahl.

He said that options for taking apart the deal, which Israel strongly opposes, are “much more than you think,” despite many experts and lawmakers saying that it would be extremely difficult or impossible to void, and said he already has a number of ideas.

“I have about five things in my mind. I’d like to talk to the president (about it),” the premiere said, declining to disclose details. “I’d like to talk to the president about it before I talk to 60 Minutes.”

Netanyahu was highly outspoken about Israel’s opposition to the signing of the deal last year, warning that the lifting of sanctions would allow millions of dollars to flow into state-sponsored terror and predicting that the deal would only ease Iran’s path to developing nuclear weapons.

Trump agreed, calling the Obama Administration’s pact “the worst deal ever negotiated” during his presidential campaign and promising to dismantle it if he won the election. However, since he became president-elect, he has softened his line, saying that he intends to renegotiate its terms rather than jettison the entire agreement.

Netanyahu made clear in the interview that no matter what Trump does, it will be in Israel’s interest.

“I know Donald Trump. I know him very well,” he said. “I think his attitude, his support for Israel is clear.

“He feels very warmly about the Jewish state, about the Jewish people and about Jewish people [in general]. There’s no question about that.”