Nov 28, 2021

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett met Sunday and were able to reach an agreement that would facilitate presenting the much-debated outpost regulation bill to the Knesset for its first reading.

As part of the deal, the Israeli government would ask the High Court of Justice for a continuance that would see the postponement of the demolition of Amona—a Samaria outpost slated for eviction December 25—for 30 days.

The outpost regulation bill would be further amended to exclude its current Article 7, which allows an extra two years before the High Court ruling to raze Amona would need to be enacted. The agreement between Netanyahu and Bennett would see Amona’s homes relocated to nearby land, appropriated for state use under Israel’s Absentees Property Law for a period of eight months, while a more permanent solution for the Samaria community is devised. A sum of 50 million shekels ($13 million) has been allocated to implement Amona’s relocation.

Commenting on the efforts to spare Amona its impending eviction, Netanyahu said Sunday that the government is “working around the clock to find a responsible solution for the situation in Amona, and any other similar cases.”

“We are trying to come up with a considered solution and I expect everyone—MKs and ministers alike—to honor it. We have to act responsibly toward a common goal—defending the settlement enterprise and defending the [High] Court. We are pursuing both avenues,” said Netanyahu.