Jun 13, 2021


In a Facebook post on Saturday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly announced that his wife, Sara, had spoken with the soon-to-be First Lady, Melania Trump.

“This evening my wife Sara spoke with Melania Trump, the wife of the president-elect of the United States,”  Netanyahu wrote.”The conversation between them was heartfelt and warm. Mrs. Trump said that she looks forward to our visit at the first opportunity and that there will be wonderful relations between our countries and our families.

“Among other things, they discussed the great challenge of raising children under the spotlight that accompanies their fathers who were elected as world leaders. Additionally, they discussed the great importance of emphasizing family time as part of their role as mothers in order to enable their children to grow up in a normal way like all their friends,” the prime minister concluded.

Melania’s chat with Mrs. Netanyahu follows her visit to the White House on Thursday, when Mrs. Trump met with Michelle Obama, the woman she is about to replace as First Lady. That meeting, coming after a hotly contest campaign in which the president actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton, was described by some media sources to be awkward and even a bit tense. After Mrs. Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention in July, she was accused of plagiarizing a speech Michelle Obama made in 2008.

The election of Donald Trump is expected to renew the warm relations between Israel and the United States. Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulated Donald Trump on his election victory last week, saying the Republican is “a true friend of the State of Israel.”

“The bond between the US and Israel is based on shared values, shared interests and a shared future. I am sure that President-elect Trump and I will continue to strengthen the special alliance between Israel and the US and we will bring them to new heights,” Netanyahu said.