Oct 06, 2022
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An Israeli kabbalist known for causing Hamas terror tunnels to collapse by prayer has unequivocally predicted a Clinton victory in the US presidential elections, and even provided precise percentage points.

Rabbi Shriki's note on who will win the election. (Branza)

Rabbi Shriki’s note on who will win the election. (Branza)

Two days ago, it was reported by Branza News, a  local Hebrew language news service, that one of the followers of Rabbi Netanel Shriki asked if the Rabbi could predict the outcome of the US elections taking place today. The rabbi complied, writing a note that said, “Clinton 54 percent, Trump 46 percent.”

According to the latest New York Times poll, Clinton’s current polling average stands at 45.9 percent, while Trump lags slightly behind at 42.8 percent.

Rabbi Shriki from Netivot gained prominence last March when he went out to the border fence between Israel and Gaza to pray for the destruction of the Hamas terror tunnels. His prayers seemed to have a devastating effect, as his prayer sessions coincided with several fatal tunnel collapses.

Rabbi Shriki comes from a family of kabbalists. His uncle, known as the ‘X-Ray Rabbi’, is purported by his followers to have supposed healing and prognostic powers.

The US presidential elections are turning into a veritable kabbalistic contest, as many turn to the esoteric branch of Jewish mysticism to shed light on the hotly contested campaign.

An anonymous, though reportedly prominent, kabbalist assured Marc Zell, the chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, that the Republican candidate would emerge victorious.

Rabbi Roni HaKohen, a kabbalist known as the Guardian of Yavneh, has had some success in the past predicting Israeli elections. He predicted a Trump victory, though did not give details. He told Israel Hayom news that the prediction came to him in dreams.

“There are things about Trump that are miraculous. His party didn’t want him, he fell, but got up,” Rabbi HaKohen said.

Kabbalists aren’t the only rabbis weighing in. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an expert in reading Bible Codes, predicted last month that Trump would win the election, based on codes found in Numbers and Deuteronomy.

However, a different Bible Codes scholar called the election for Clinton as early as last May. His conclusion was based on tables found in Genesis and Leviticus.