May 14, 2021


In today’s fast-paced, fast-food world, it is easy to forget Hippocrates’ wisdom when he stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” With obesity rates soaring along with many illnesses, people are searching for easy alternatives to improve health and lose weight. The most obvious starting point involves what one puts into his or her body every day.

“Hippocrates was right when he said that food is medicine,” shared Nili Abrahams, a holistic diet coach and co-founder of Galilee Green, a boutique Israel-based olive oil company that ships directly to customers in America. “Food, in its purest form, along with herbs and spices, are created not only to delight the senses but also to keep our bodies healthy and functioning at their maximum potential.”

Awareness that polyunsaturated fats are unhealthy is becoming common knowledge. Processed fats, like margarine, are replete with chemicals that have negative effects on one’s health.

Studies from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that these fats produce inflammation in the body, cause cell mutations, increase cholesterol and blood insulin levels and decrease immunity. These factors raise the risk of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes and slowing metabolism.

“Avoiding polyunsaturated fats and adding pure fats, like cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, goes a long way towards maintaining a healthy body,” continued Abrahams. “I naturally re-work favorite recipes or create new ones using high-quality ingredients which not only taste great but are great for us.”

The Galilee Green website is filled with unique recipes from Israel as well as health tips. Some of the recipes are her own while others are provided by Galilee Green olive oil lovers who seek to improve their health through adding “God’s favorite oil” to their diets.

“By combining known ingredients in new ways, delicious and healthful dishes are made,” said Abrahams. “I love the enthusiastic responses I get from my unusual Israeli chocolate chip cookie recipe which substitutes olive oil for the usual margarine and includes spicy red pepper flakes!”

“Studies have found that red pepper flakes provide many nutrients and health benefits,” Abrahams told Breaking Israel News. “They help clear congestion from colds and flu, stimulate metabolism, prevent fat storage, prevent the spread of prostate cancer and slow the growth of the cancerous tumors, and boost immunity.”

Various scientific studies have also found that red pepper flakes can also kill bad stomach bacteria which cause ulcers, treat digestive problems, reduce insulin levels, bring pain relief, increase circulation, and reduce cholesterol.

Abrahams shared that when she serves her family Israeli Spicy Beef Hummus along with Israeli Spicy Scalloped Sweet Potatoes made with antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes, olive oil and red pepper flakes, everyone enjoys a flavor-packed meal along with nutrient-dense food.

“Serving delicious food made from pure extra-virgin olive oil from Israel and other healthful ingredients is one of the many ways that I show those that I care about most how much I love and care about them,” smiled Abrahams.