Sep 26, 2022
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Two police officers were stabbed by a Palestinian attacker on Monday morning, near Herod’s Gate outside Jerusalem’s Old City. A 38-year-old  female officer and 45-year-old male officer, they have been evacuated to the Shaarei Tzedek and Haddassah Ein Karem hospitals respectively.

“An attacker arrived from the direction of the Damascus Gate when he spotted his two victims, he then approached them from the back and stabbed them several times from behind. The victims have been evacuated to nearby hospitals and the terrorist has been neutralized,” stated Galit Ziv, assistant spokesperson for the Jerusalem District Police.

According to the Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center, the policewoman has arrived to the trauma ward unconscious and in a serious condition, having suffered massive stab wounds to her neck. Doctors are attempting to stabilize the young woman. The male police officer has been confirmed by the Haddassah Ein Karem Hospital to have arrived in a moderate condition and fully conscious to the Ein Karem trauma ward having suffered similar wounds.

According to the Jerusalem District Police assistant spokesperson, the terrorist, a resident of East Jerusalem in his 20’s, followed his victims from the Damascus Gate to Herod’s Gate before drawing his knife and stabbing the two in the neck from behind. “The male officer acted quickly and managed to draw his service firearm and shoot his attacker. The terrorist is in a serious condition has also been evacuated to a nearby hospital,” stated Ziv.

“The terrorist from the Herod’s Gate attack, also arived in the Haddassah Ein Karem trauma ward. He is in a serious condition with gun shot wounds to his limbs and head,” Hadar Elboim, the hospital’s spokesperson, stated.

Ilana Messika contributed to this report.