30 Oct, 2020

Newsweek’s Middle East Editor Leila Hatoum wrote a series of anti-Semitic tweets last week in response to a pro-Israel blogger’s criticism of her editorial team’s creation of an inaccurate documentary on the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Hatoum responded to her critics by using stereotypical slurs, calling them “Zionist trolls.” She said, “I’m not owned by any corporate+ I don’t worship the $ nor do I care what Zionists think of me,” Hatoum wrote on the blog, Israellycool reported.

She also claimed that she’s “the real Semite,” and that Ashkenazi Jews are not descendants of the biblical prophets, Isaac and Jacob, referring to a false, anti-Semitic “Khazar” theory that Eastern European Jews did not descend from biblical Jews.

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Israellycool and Elder of Zion bloggers claim that Hatoum’s documentary revises Israel’s history with various claims, such as the existence of a Palestinian state prior to 1948.

Responding on Wednesday to her exposed anti-Semitic tweets, Hatoum said, “I’d like to thank trolls for helping me enjoy the past week (since my team published: where is Palestine?) Haven’t laughed this hard in ages.”

According to the media watchdog group, Honest Reporting, Newsweek is owned by ARY Digital Network, based in Dubai.