Jul 07, 2022
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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in an Israeli television interview on Thursday that terrorists are praying for her competitor, Donald Trump, to become the U.S. president.

Clinton referred to an article in Time magazine written by Matt Olsen, former Director of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center, as giving a “clear and compelling” case that proved terrorists are “rooting” for Trump’s victory in the election.

“Trump has made Islam and Muslims part of his campaign,” Clinton said in the Channel 2 interview.

Referring to Olsen, Clinton said that “the jihadists see this as a great gift,” who are saying, “Please Allah, make Trump President of America.”

Clinton added that unlike Trump, she is “not interested in giving aid and comfort to their evil ambitions. I want to defeat them. I want to end their reign of terror.”

Clinton’s comments on Trump were in response to a question asking whether, if elected, she will use the phrase “war on radical Islam,” unlike the Obama administration.

“We’ve made a judgment built on a lot of research that bringing ‘Islam’ into the definition of our enemy actually serves the purpose of the radical jihadists.”