Oct 06, 2022
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A disturbing report shows hate crimes committed against British Jews continues to rise while the number of hate crime cases being prosecuted has dropped, according to the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA).

Last year, there was a 26 percent surge in crimes against British Jews and 51 percent spike in reported violent anti-Semitic crimes, the group reported.

“Anti-Semitic crime has surged in the last two years and is now at a record high,” said Gideon Falter, the Chairman of CAA, a British charity that exposes anti-Semitism. “Instead of demonstrating that British Jews can rely on the authorities to prosecute antisemitism, the number of cases charged has actually dropped.”

Out of 15,000 hate crimes prosecuted last year, only 12 of those prosecutions were for hate crimes against British Jews. As a result, “British Jews are being denied justice,” Falter said in a statement.

CAA has issued legal guidelines to educate the British Jewish community on “how to obtain justice” as authorities fail to prosecute these crimes.