May 16, 2022

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On the eve of the 2015 elections Isaac Herzog, head of the Labor party and then favorite to win the premiership, reached a dramatic deal with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that included far-reaching concessions, according to a copy of the document leaked to Israel’s Channel 10 News on Sunday.

According to the report, the agreement included transferring 100% of the disputed territories in Judea and Samaria to Palestinian Authority control, including eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods annexed by Israel.

Additionally, the two agreed on a symbolic return of Palestinian refugees to Israeli territory, as well as compensation packages to Palestinian refugees.

The document was meant as a basis for a future peace agreement between Israel and the PA, should Herzog’s faction, the Zionist Union, win the elections.

Herzog confirmed the document’s authenticity in a written statement to Channel 10.

“In my contacts with the PA chairman during 2014 I made an effort whose goal was to reach understandings that would prevent the terror wave that I predicted would arrive,” stated Herzog. “I don’t believe the mantra which claims that all threats can only be defeated by military might.”

“Most peace agreements come after a round of bloodshed by peoples who fight each other. The Right always suggests war and then runs to sign a peace deal,” Herzog added. “We are simply suggesting to flip the order.”

“Tonight’s revelation of the secret agreement between Herzog and Abbas proves once again that Likud’s victory during the elections saved the State of Israel from a suicidal plan of dangerous concessions,” Ze’ev Elkin, minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, wrote on Facebook following the report.