01 Nov, 2020

An EgyptAir flight made an emergency landing in Uzbekistan on Wednesday morning after officials received a threat about explosives on board that turned out to be a hoax.

“On the morning of June 8, information was received about a possible explosive device on board an А330-220 airliner belonging to an Egyptian air carrier and heading from Cairo to Beijing,” said a statement released by Uzbekistan Airways.

Shortly afterwards, the bomb threat was revealed to be false.

“The plane is preparing to resume its journey. It was a hoax, thank God,” said an Egyptian aviation official, reported the Telegraph.

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The EgyptAir plane carried 118 passengers and 17 crew members, all of whom were evacuated after the emergency landing. Investigators searched the airplane for evidence of the explosives and found none.

This is the third security incident for EgyptAir in as many months. Three weeks ago, another commercial EgyptAir flight crashed into the Mediterranean sea, killing all 66 people on board. Terrorism is suspected in the form of a bomb on the aircraft, but officials have not confirmed the  cause of the crash.

Yet another EgyptAir flight ran into trouble in March when a lone hijacker, wearing what he claimed was an explosive suicide belt, commandeered a domestic flight from Cairo to Alexandria and forced an emergency landing in Cyprus. All passengers were eventually allowed to disembark, and no one was harmed. Investigation by authorities determined that the hijacker was an “unstable” individual and not a terrorist.