Jun 29, 2022
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Terrorists based in Gaza released a threatening propaganda video against Israel Tuesday night, claiming to have set their sights on the Israel Defense Force (IDF). The 81-second clip was posted by the al-Quds Brigade, the military wing of Islamic Jihad.

The slick production portrays a small group of terrorists in full military camouflage marching through a field, spying on an alleged IDF vehicle parked across the Gaza-Israel border, and finally setting up what the video identifies as an “advanced weapon” — a Kornet anti-tank rocket launcher, according to Israel National News. The wordless video ends with an inscription, in Arabic and crude Hebrew: “To show you a shadow of the horror.”

The video appeared online after Islamic Jihad threatened in a statement, “if Israel continues breaching, the ceasefire will end.” The ceasefire in question is the one which ended the 2014 Operation Protective Edge.

The irony of the statement is that it condemns Israel for reacting to a Gazan breach of the same ceasefire, when four rockets were fired into Israel. The IDF hit back Saturday, targeting terrorist installations, and two children who lived nearby, ages six and 10, were killed as a result. On Monday night, another rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel. None of the five Gazan rockets caused Israeli injuries or damage.

Earlier Friday, prior to the rocket fire, Islamic Jihad had also called on followers to massacre Jews “inside their towns”, the Israeli paper reported, encouraging infiltration attacks. Indeed, that is what the IDF believe various terror groups in the Hamas-controlled region have planned for the network of cross-border tunnels being “rehabilitated” in the Gaza strip. Weather and Egyptian efforts, however, have led to the collapse of at least 10 tunnels in recent weeks, with several Palestinian casualties.

Also that day, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency shut down an Islamic Jihad-affiliated television station based in Ramallah, citing it for incitement.