Jun 29, 2022
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Israel365 has expanded its portfolio of pro-Israel websites by launching TheIsraelBible.com, a new innovative site for the purpose of “Honoring the God, the People, and the Land of Israel.”

“It’s our goal to find new ways to use modern technology to bring Israel and the Bible to life,” explained Rabbi Tuly Weisz, director of Israel365 and publisher of TheIsraelBible.com. “There are many people who are passionate about Israel, Torah and technology and as surprising as it is in 2016, no one has yet built a website that combines these three passions.”

The website emerges from a print version of “The Israel Bible” that Israel365 has published over the past two years and was completed in October. Printed in 20 paperback volumes, “The Israel Bible” highlights the central role Israel plays throughout all 929 chapters of the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible.

Shira Shechter, editor of “The Israel Bible”, told Breaking Israel News that the new website features many innovations that were simply not possible in a printed book. “We offer interactive Google maps and videos and encourage our readers to comment and contribute to a living conversation centered around the Biblical text,” she explained.

The mobile-friendly website also utilizes gamification techniques by rewarding readers with points so they can advance to the levels of Shepherds, Judges, Prophets and Kings. “We really wanted to engage our readers and fully take advantage of all the internet has to offer,” said Shechter.

Readers can also subscribe to free daily or weekly reading plans in order to deepen their study and incorporate Israel into their daily prayer and Bible study. Subscribers to the Israel Bible reading plans sign up for whichever of the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible they are interested in, and receive a chapter delivered via email each day.

As part of its initial launch and promotional campaign, the site is offering a free eBook, “24 Inspirational Verses from the 24 Books of The Israel Bible.”

The entire text of the Jewish Bible, or Tanakh, is offered on TheIsraelBible.com in both English and Hebrew, along with an audio component so that readers can hear the Hebrew text. “While Jews take for granted the fact that the Torah is meant to be heard in Hebrew, for our Christian readers it’s a real treat to be able to listen to the Bible in its original language,” Rabbi Weisz told Breaking Israel News.   

An original Bible commentary was developed for The Israel Bible by ten scholars, including leading Israeli educators and tour guides. The unique commentary appears throughout the website, organized according to Biblical book, and is also accessible through the site’s search feature.

Currently, the site offers nine Google maps with plans to expand and add more. The maps highlight themes such as the journeys of the Patriarchs and the boundaries of the Land of Israel. Additionally, close to one hundred karaoke-style Hebrew music videos are offered on the site, with words taken from the Biblical text and transliterated into English so that even those unfamiliar with Hebrew can sing along.

“The website allows us to offer so many innovative features that really bring Israel and the Bible to life in a whole new way,” said Rabbi Weisz. “It’s kind of like when the 19th century Biblical archaeologists utilized film photography for the very first time. I hope that TheIsraelBible.com similarly allows us to share Israel’s physical beauty and its great Biblical significance with people all over the world in an exciting, modern way.”