Oct 17, 2021

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Tuvia Yanai Weissman, a 21 year-old father who was attacked Thursday afternoon while shopping for the Sabbath in a Rami Levy supermarket in Sha’ar Binyamin, was buried Friday morning in Mount Herzl military cemetery. A resident of Maaleh Michmash in Samaria, he served as a combat soldier in the Nahal Brigade of the IDF. Weissman leaves behind his wife Yael, a four-month-old daughter, his parents and three brothers.

In the attack, a 36 year-old was also injured moderately. The attack was carried out by two 14 year-old Arabs, Umar Rimawi and Iham Sabah from Beitunia near Ramallah.

According to reports, the two terrorists were able to bypass the store’s security and wander around the store for 20 minutes before stabbing the two victims. Shoppers held them back with shopping carts until another civilian, who had been praying at the time of the attack, was able to shoot and wound them, preventing more bloodshed. Weissman was off-duty and not in uniform when he was attacked.